"Gwyneth is one of the best makeup artists I've ever worked with, so professional, skillful, sweet and sooo fun. I can't wait for her to make me pretty again!"

-Katerina Schload, fitness model & NPC bikini competitor
"She is incredible. It wouldn't have been a successful shoot without her!"

-Boo Milano, model
Gwyn is fantastic at what she does. Her hair and makeup have made my job as a filmmaker so much easier. She does a great job and works well under pressure. I would hire her any day of the week.

-Ferguson Sauvé-Rogan, film director

Gwyn is a delightful and very skilled hair stylist who I heartily recommend to others. She listens to my concerns and then in an articulate manner with her words and then with her shears manages to explain how she is shaping my cut to flatter my face. I really feel special. What's more, it's fun to talk with her. I always find that I feel lighter and happier after visiting with her. She really enjoys her craft and it shows. Her personality and skill are an unbeatable combination.

-Kosta G, client

I've been going to Gwyn for a while now.  I just haven't written a review because I don't want her to get busy with other people and make it harder for me to get an appointment.  My wife and her friend have been going here for years and I had been having a hard time to find someone to cut my hair the way I liked.  They suggested I go to their place.

I'm a guy and it's supposed to be $10 for a cut at a place with a barber pole and the football game on the tv in the corner.  But I never liked the cuts I got.  I ended up leaving and wanting to wear a hat.  

Now, I just go see Gwyn and she cuts my hair just the way I like. 

-Aaron L, client

"Gwyn is an amazing artist. She really cares how her clients look and wants her work to be perfect every time. Working with her is definitely comforting because I know I am in great hands and that she will make sure I look my best. Not only is she a great make-up artist and hair stylist, but she is full of compassion and understanding. She helped me maintain my calm, while I was going through a little bit of a crisis and I will never forget how supportive she was... you couldn't even tell from my work that day, that I was upset! Gwyn is amazing!"

- Jessica Robinson, Miss. Alameda 
I was looking for a salon to get my hair done while I was visiting home in the Bay Area about three weeks ago. My mom found the awesome reviews for Visible Changes on yelp and I decided to give it a try. My previous hairdresser completely messed up my hair color, it wasn't what I wanted whatsoever nor was the cut anything close to what I had asked for. 

I walked into Visible Changes and was greeted by Gwyn and we sat down for thirty minutes and really came to a solid conclusion as to what it was exactly that I was looking for. Never had I ever had a hairdresser so thorough, and I have been dying my hair consecutively since I was 13. Not only was she incredibly entertaining, she took her time and really made sure she was going to leave me with a finished product that was the look that I was going for. Three hours and many laughs later, my hair looked PHENOMENAL and was EXACTLY what I was attempting to achieve. 

Gwen seriously is the BEST and I am so sad that I live across the country and can't see her every 5-6 weeks to get my hair done. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone who is thorough, takes their time, and really cares about their clients. Can't wait to come home in June to get my hair re done!

​-​ Amanda L, client

Gwyneth always gives a perfect cut! Before Gwyn started cutting my hair, I went to other places and people that were more expensive, and that weren't as attentive to providing the kind of hair cut I wanted. 

Gwyn always delivers the haircut that we both agree on...there's never a surprise. Also, whenever I ask for her opinion, she always able to provide great ideas for what cuts would or wouldn't look good on me...but in the end, she always cuts my hair the way I want it. My hair is also long and thick...she's very patient with my hair, while other's have been flustered in working with my hair. 

I also wanted to learn better technique for doing my makeup. I knew that Gwyn had a lot of training with applying makeup, and because she did such a great job with my hair, I asked her to teach me. She worked with me to find the right colors for my skin tone, and taught me technique that I still use. Gwyn is very professional, talented, and a very pleasant person. I'll be going to her for a long time.

- Heather M, salon client

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