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Gwyneth Price - voice actor, singer


My name is Gwyneth

and I’m a storyteller who's been "putting on a show" for as long as I can remember. In fact, when I was around 3, I climbed onto the stage during a church talent show and started dancing. No, it was not planned or rehearsed, I just really really wanted to join the show!

What I Bring to the Table:

I am dedicated to delivering high-quality, professional voiceover work. With my experience and training I will collaborate with you to create genuine and relatable recordings that will captivate and build trust with your audience.

Want to Learn More?

Awesome! But bios are boring, so check out the Fun Facts below to learn how I became the human I am today. There's also a section about my Voice Over Training and Home Recording Studio if you're interested.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

•  I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley surrounded by computer nerds and overachievers.

•  My voice over journey began as a child. My mom was (and still is) a DJ at a local radio station. When the station needed a kid for a recording, she brought me in. Apparently my inability to pronounce "Portobello" mushrooms was hilarious.

•  I still don't like mushrooms.

vintage mic.png

•  Reading out loud was my kryptonite as a kid. Being swallowed by a giant wormhole was preferable to reading in front of my class. But life has a funny way of turning the tables, and now I get paid to read aloud! Take that Dyslexia!

•  I've been obsessed with performing my whole life, but being an actor wasn't a "realistic" or "responsible" career aspiration; I needed a trade. So I became a Hairdresser and Make-up Artist. It was creative, social and I figured, if I couldn't be a star, at least I'd be rubbing elbows with some...


•  My make-up brushes have touched some pretty amazing faces. No big deal, just some actors you may have heard of, like Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Fisher (pictured), Levar Burton and Brent Spiner.

•  If you search "Old Age Makeup" on YouTube, my tutorial will be one of the first to pop up. Let's just say, I know how to make you look wise beyond your years.


•  When I was 23 I produced and co-wrote a full-length feature film that was accepted into film festivals.

kangaroo color edited_edited.png

•  I have experience in all areas of video and audio production: from writing copy and casting, to editing, color grading and finding the perfect music. Basically, I'm like a Swiss Army Knife of multimedia.

•  I'm also a Licensed Realtor who sells multi-million dollar houses. Hand over the legalese folks!

•  I believe that Chocolate is better than Vanilla. My husband disagrees... he's wrong.

headphones books.png

•  Listening to Audiobooks is my guilty pleasure. I especially love Urban Fantasy, Romance and Young Adult books.


•  I'm a Ravenclaw and

on Team Jacob.

Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at

•  I've performed in over 20 theatrical productions, which include everything from Musicals & Operettas to Shakespeare & Agatha Christie.


•  I love doing injury and special effects makeup, but please don't ask me to watch a horror movie.

•  I was raised on a steady diet of Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and all the classic Hollywood greats. What else is a kid to do when they don't have access to Network TV or Cable?

old hollywood camera.png

•  In 2015, I tried my hand at narrating audio-books because my mom was doing it and I missed performing. Plus, I was curious if I had what it took; could I convincingly play a guy character, then switch to a lady character? Turns out, I could! And on my first audition, I landed the gig!

•  My husband has a knack for knowing me better than I know myself, and in 2020 he hit me with, "You should do voice-over work. It's your calling." Then he whipped out his phone and said, "Call this number. I did all the research and the best coaches are teaching remotely now so you have no excuse." At least, that's how I remember it...




Mary Lynn Wissner - Commercials

Debi Derryberry - Animation

J Michael Collins - Commercials & Promos

Melissa Gray - Monologues

Samantha Paris - Commercials


CLASSES & WORKSHOPS at VoiceTrax San Francisco  (partial list, by instructor)

Samantha Paris: Script Analysis, Commercials, Characters

Brian Sommer: Creating Characters for Animation & Video Games

Chuck Kourouklis: Characters, Colors of Your Voice, Mic Technique, Home Recording

Thom Pinto: Prototypes, Colors of your Voice 2, Business of VO, Promo

Vicki Baum: Narration

Roni Gallimore: Audiobook Narration

PJ Ochlan: Dialects

Townsend Coleman: Animation Characters

Roger Vosburg: IVR

Anna Mathias: Improv for Voice Actors

Melissa Gray: Theatrical Acting Techniques for VO

Ned Lott: Singing for Voice Actors, ADR, Dubbing for Anime

Kemma Filby: 3 Genres of Video Games

Nate Tico (Stars, SF): VO 101, Less is More, Private Coaching

Tina Morasco & Carli Silver (Sound and Fury): Audition Techniques

Natanya Rose (DPN, LA): Characters for Animation

Vince LeBica (DPN, LA): Commercials & Promos

Ryan Clark (Disney): Promos for Kids Shows

Robin Steinfeld (Buchwald, NY): Commercials

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS at VoiceOne San Francisco

Sally Clawson: Intro to VO: Commercial, Narration & Character

Darragh O’Farrell: Video Game

Doug Honorof: Articulatory Flexibility

Jim Edgar: Efficient Editing


Jennifer Notley (2 years)

Kimberley Nearon (3 years)

Rachel Michelberg (1.5 year - present)


Home Studio



Mics: Sennheiser MKH 416 & Mojave MA-301fet

Preamp: Audient iD14

DAW: Adobe Audition

Remote Direction


Fiber Optic High Speed Internet

Source Connect

Zoom, Skype, Cell Phone



San Francisco Bay Area

(Redwood City, CA)

*able to travel to Los Angeles

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